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Two ways to become a CARS Member

Why be a Shareholder?

"Investing Now, Reaps Long Term Benefits"


The benefit of investing means you will find some of the highest discounts and CASH REWARDS through CARS. It also provides a particularly high level of service to our shareholders, the main reason for our existence.


Investing also comes with responsibility. Some of the responsibilities include exercising opportunities and using the cooperative's services. When you use the cooperative's services, you are fulfilling your responsibility of economic participation. The more members and higher levels of participation of each, the greater you and other shareholders will benefit.

  • Current Purchasing Decisions May Already Qualify You for Discounts and CASH REWARDS

  • Purchasing and Participation Choices are Made by Each Member

  • Quarterly Rebate Checks Based on Purchases and are issued directly to the Member.


Who can Join CARS?


CARS shareholders are Automotive Collision Repair Operations and related business and services. These shareholders share a common bond of ownership, employment, association, or community through their not-for-profit cooperative, in an effort to benefit as a group.

Why be a Connection Plus Member?

Are you a member of your state's Auto Body Association?

The way to Join CARS to become a Connection Plus Member is Join your state association and remain in good standing and you qualify to take advantage of the CARS Benefits.

See the Associations tab at the top of the page and go to your state for the forms to get your shop connected. Or click below to start the form.


Start seeing the benefits today!

What is your investment?
CARS offers two investment options.  These options are designed to give your business options for your level of participation as well as investment size.

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