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What is SUN Collision?

SUN, a brand of Snap-on Incorporated, has launched a new repair information resource that will benefit collision and automotive repair facilities, often including mechanical repairs. SUN Collision Repair Information includes complete, accurate data to help shops repair virtually any vehicle with maximum efficiency.

The Complete Collision & Repair Information Solution

When you find the information you need quickly, you can repair vehicles faster. That is the driving force behind SUN Collision Repair Information. It's complete, accurate data that you can trust to help you repair vehicles.

As vehicle technology advances, the line between collision and mechanical repair work is blurring. When a collision occurs, any damage to the body and frame will likely damage sensors, cameras, and other mechanical components that must be repaired to return the vehicle to safe operating condition. SUN Collision is the source for all your repairs, collision or mechanical.

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Features in SUN Collision include:

  • Materials, body, frame, paint, and finish

  • OEM collision repair information for all makes

  • Repair information is searchable by part number

  • Real-world insights for mechanical repairs

  • User-friendly graphical layout

  • Mobile friendly

Support & Training

Comprehensive, accurate collision and mechanical data in a single lookup.

Easy to Use, Intuitive Features

The intuitive design of the SUN Collision software makes it easy for you to find the correct information that you need to repair the vehicle in your bay collision or mechanical. Take the guesswork out of the process with complete OEM collision and mechanical repair information and SureTrack Real Fixes based on actual mechanical repair solutions that expert technicians have used to solve the same problem.

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For personal service please call  (405) 547-4077

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