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Best of all, FindPigtails will handle the reporting of expenditures directly to CARS.

Automotive Connectors,Pigtails, Plugs: 350,000 of them

OEM connectors, pigtails, and plugs can be difficult to find. Replacing electrical wiring harnesses and terminals can be expensive.

Now, finding these pigtails, connectors, plugs, wire harnesses, and terminals is simple! 

We deliver them right to your doorstep, and we ship them FREE - shipped the day you order*.


Improving your cycle time and severity is our goal, and we want to make your connector and pigtail search the easiest part of your day. We even have an excellent app...  

Looking For......

  • Honda/Acura connectors?

  • Nissan/Infiniti connectors?

  • Toyota/Lexus connectors?

  • BMW connectors?

  • Hyundai/Kia connectors?

  • Subaru connectors?

We have all automotive plugs, pigtails, and connectors right here. Most makes and models are available.

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Find the Right Pigtail in the Palm of your hands!

You can install it directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play:

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For personal service please call  (405) 547-4077

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