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What is WheelRESTORE?

Wheel Restore is a Danish producer of state-of-the-art, game-changing High-Quality Diamond Cut wheel machines, wheel blasting machines, and automatic powder coating machines. All products are made in high-quality constructions, built with 100% Danish, easy to use photo guided – step by step software, and have 100% CE safety compliance.

Alloy Wheel Repair Systems – Our Alloy Wheel Repair Systems and Equipment restores curbed, scratched, or corroded alloy wheels. Painted, Polished, or Diamond Cut. Our fully automated Diamond Cut Wheel Machine provides you with the highest quality finish and the quickest turnaround time available in the market.

Robotic Wheel Painting Machine – Eliminate any guesswork or inconsistencies when painting wheels.

Mobile Hybrid Spray Booth – The mobile paint booth enables you to paint anywhere. It attaches directly to the damaged area of the car, creating an enclosed space for the perfect spot repair.

SmartWall / Filtration Bank – The Smart Wall is designed to be connected to the Mobile Paint booth. Connect 5 paint booths at a time and clean the air inside of your shop while doing minor damage and non-structural repairs.

SMART Repair Products and Consumables – We offer a complete lineup of Smart Repair products for Seat/Carpet Repair, Leather/Vinyl/Plastic Repairs, Windshield Repair, Headlight Repair, Ceramic Coating, PDR Repairs, and much more.

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Contact: Craig Williams (214) 668-5884 or

For personal service please call  (405) 547-4077

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