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Members Receive
Up to 10% Discount


Improve Your Shop Performance

Spanesi manufacturers the following:

  • Revolutionary TOUCH Electronic Measuring System

  • Complete Line of Structural Straightening Benches Accompanied by the Innovative Spanesi Universal Jig System

  • Efficiency-Driven MULTIBENCH Repair Workstation (Available in 5 Configurations Designed to Meet Any Facilities Requirements)

  • PULL UP! Repair Systems for Glue-Based Cosmetic and Structural Repairs

  • Complete Line of Welding Machines

  • Spray Booths

  • Preparation Stations

  • Vacuum Systems

  • Rivet Guns

  • FLASH Portable Pulling Column.

Known as a premiere collision equipment manufacturer around the globe, Spanesi has a presence in over 110 countries.

CARS Members Receive

3% Discount on the following:

  • Spray Booths

  • Preparation Areas

  • Mixing Rooms

  • Aluminum Bays

10% Discount

  • All Other Purchases


For personal service please call  (405) 547-4077

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