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Best of all, BillableGenie will handle the reporting of expenditures directly to CARS.


Have you ever heard,
"We Don't Pay For That?" Or "You're the only one charging for that?"

How much money are you leaving on the table by not getting paid for all your work, especially all those necessary but not-included procedures and operations?  Likely, it's several hundred dollars per repair. 

Not only are you paying people time to do the work (cost of labor), but you're also spending real cash on materials, both of which are negatively impacting your profits if you're not collecting for them.

The amazing, new BillableGenie is the industry's first online, searchable database of actual repair data based on paid insurer final estimates and customer invoices.  It provides the data, documentation, and proof that you are not the only one and that any operation you are asking for was paid to some shop somewhere.

Just ask the Genie!

Now, when anyone tells you, "we don't pay for that," just search BillableGenie to reveal data that enables you to reply, "yes, you do!" 

Then, add an average 5 hours of additional labor and hundreds of dolla
rs in additional procedures, to each repair.

Our belief is simple:  if one shop gets paid for performing any necessary but not-included procedure, then all shops who perform that procedure should get paid for it.  But currently, insurers don't pay shops consistently for not-included operations.  Sometimes they pay, sometimes they don't....even for the same work, even in the same state, and sometimes even in the same market.

Use BillableGenie to find which insurers pay which procedures, when, on which vehicle makes, in what states, and at what rates.  It's a new, revolutionary level of data transparency never before seen in the collision repair industry.

Subscribe to BillableGenie today and start getting paid for more of your work, right away.

(Annual Subscription is not included due to special pricing.) 

For personal service please call  (405) 547-4077

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